Why You Should Walk Your Dog Everyday

ByRebecca Foxley

Why You Should Walk Your Dog Everyday

Have you ever wondered why it’s important for dogs to be walked? Maybe you would consider the reasons obvious to most owners but walking isn’t simply about the exercise it provides.

Here are some reasons why it’s important to walk your dog daily.

Why You Should Walk Your Dog Everyday

The most simple reason for a daily walk is, of course, exercise. Exercise is always a good thing for both your dog and yourself. But there are some other reasons too:

Walking your dog will loosen stiff, arthritic joints.

Whilst an older, arthritic dog may not be able to manage a big long walk, it’s still important that they keep moving. Light exercise is crucial for sufferers of arthritis. A small, slow walk will loosen stiff joints, relieve pain and increase joint strength and flexibility.

Combining light exercise for your arthritic dog in conjunction with a pain management programme such as veterinary prescribed pain relief or alternative therapies such as massage, will do wonders for your arthritic dog and their joints.

Walking your dog will combat obesity.

It’s pretty much a given that exercise plays a very important part in weight management for pets. Daily walks will increase your pets metabolism and help them to lose excess weight or maintain a healthy body weight.

Walking increases circulation and improves energy levels. Improved circulation helps to combat fatigue, so your pet will be less likely to want to sleep all day.

Combining walks with a healthy diet will also help prevent pain from arthritis and reduce the risk of diabetes too.

Walking will keep the digestive system healthy.

Walking your dog can assist with constipation. The exercise on a walk will improve circulation and help digestive system motility.

It’s also a good idea to ensure your dog stays well hydrated too. This will keep the digestive system consistent and regular.

Walking is vital for socialisation

Regular walks from an early age will combat aggressive behaviour that is due to lack of socialisation.

Dogs practice their natural social behaviours when meeting other dogs. Going for walks will give your dog the opportunity to meet other dogs and provides a chance for your dog to play and practice social structure amongst other canines (the pack mentality).

Just be aware that not all dogs behave well with other dogs for various reasons. So, should you see one who is on a lead, or a dog who isn’t familiar to you, always check with the owner first, to make sure their dog is approachable.

Walking will help eliminate destructive behaviours and provide mental stimulation

Imagine staring at the same four walls every day, you would soon feel bored and agitated. Dogs are no different, they need mental stimulation. A change of scenery during a walk is a great way to provide this.

Chewing, excitable behaviour (such as jumping up) and hyperactivity are signs that a dog requires improved mental stimulation and a simple walk will assist with this.

Finding the time to provide your dog with regular walks

With busy lifestyles and the need to go to work, we understand that it isn’t always easy to provide your dog with the regular walks that they need.

We provide a walking service and cater for all different types of dogs and their individual needs from walking in small groups of no more than 5 (including our own dog) to individual one to one walks and shorter walks for older and less able dogs.

You can find out more about more about our dog walking services here.

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